Luxium lighting for directors, event producers, lighting designers, system integrators, architects and performers.


Many places, from churches to nightclubs to theaters to event centers have already been transformed with adaptable lighting systems from Luxium.Lights from Luxium have been developed for use as retrofits and upgrade fixtures for many kinds of existing installations. From striplights to houselights there is a place where a style of fixture from Luxium will work.

If you’re an integrator or director or facility manager or event producer or lighting designer please contact us to learn more about our line of lighting and control products or find out how we are able to make custom configurations and unique systems to meet specific lighting needs.

For Worship

Extend color beyond the stage to create engaging, emotional effects. Churches, temples, and other houses of worship perform many functions. The right lighting can help set the appropriate tone between worship services, concerts, weddings, funerals, speakers, and more. To provide the best kind of lighting for a wide range of situations, many churches are converting to energy efficient multi-purpose LED lights with color adjustment and advance controls for theater-like effects designed to enhance the experience of all participants.

For a truly immersive experience, many places are converting to color-adjustable instruments for house lights, accent lights, front lights, back lights, and architectural lights. The benchmark for meeting all the functions that churches must address is an energy efficient LED lighting system with a full range of colors, smooth brightness adjustment, and the ability to operate from a distance with wireless control.

Sometimes old fixtures such as pendants and sconces with incandescent bulbs are retrofitted with new LED lamps and, in other cases, totally new instruments are installed as part of a facility upgrade. Luxium color-tunable LEDs are a smart upgrade for house lights, stage lighting and architectural accents. With today’s wide variety of LED choices, it is now reasonable to convert the whole church facility to modern LED lighting and make for a more rewarding and memorable encounter.

Cases Studies

Riverside Church houselight upgrade

Augustana Lutheran Church relamp, phase 1

Word of Life Church house lighting retrofit with ZOBO

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For Houselights

Houselights can help make a memorable experience. With a variety of uses the modern auditorium venue needs houselights that offer the ability to create a new and immersive experience for the audience. With a variety of lighting challenges it takes multiple kinds of fixtures aimed at different parts of the facility and all tied together into a master control center to make this happen.

Installing DMX controllable LED system for changing the mood before, during and after the performance with color-adjustable lighting that’s integrated with the master control system is a growing trend in many places.

Consider Luxium when it’s time to upgrade the audience lights for better quality illumination and energy savings and more versatile capabilities. All the different fixtures from Luxium have a common LED engine design that’s capable of both a full range of colors and bright whites for pleasing viewing along with high-definition dimming down to zero. This level of performance and easy installation along with wireless control makes lighting devices from Luxium a good choice for houselight retrofits and new installations.

Case Studies

Portland Playhouse Renovation Case Study

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Precision light, any time, any place. Performers, DJs, and mobile entertainers are always on the go, constantly migrating from one venue to the next. This level of mobility requires portable lights and controls that are easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to move.

For a small traveling show or solo performer, there is a need to create a unique experience for audiences and participants that includes dynamic lighting effects and colorful sets that add to the overall feeling and enjoyment that audiences expect. Lights that are compact, energy efficient, easy to set up, and simple to operate are essential to a successful gig.

Given the wide variety of venues in mobile entertainment, flexibility and versatility are the watchwords. Luxium lights are small and smart. They provide amazing color effects, from saturated to subtle, and precise white settings for the perfect color temperature. There truly is no comparison. Choose from retrofit lamps that easily install into socket fixtures or use a complete lighting instrument with built-in dimming and sequence control to produce just the right look for every performance.

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For Hospitality

Add the elements of color and excitement to places where people gather for fun and leisure.  From hotel ballrooms to casino game rooms to nightclubs, bars, restaurants and theme parks, the goal is to transport someone mentally into a setting that is pleasant and memorable. Ambiance lighting plays a major role in how patrons feel about the quality and perceptions of an occasion or special attractions.  Proper lighting and dynamic control for whole room effects can create a mood that is special. Even more: great lighting is vital to creating a atmosphere that suits the theme or brand of the venue.

Hospitality centers are increasingly using LED lighting and controls strategically to improve the experience for an audience for different types of occasion while minimizing control complexity and cost. From LED retrofit lamps for ceiling can lights with high CRI or adjustable colors to indoor or outdoor track lighting for special accents of building features and focal areas, Luxium offers a wide breadth of solutions. With innovative and efficient designs to meet many requirements, the families of Luxium lighting products are designed to work together with wireless or wired DMX control and easy-to-use Bluetooth set-up convenience.

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For Theater

Theater ApplicationFrom wash lights to border lights to down lights, Luxium makes it happen. The special needs of stage lighting is where Luxium began with an innovative mixed-color LED lamp made for retrofitting border lights in school theaters.

Today, for many theater facilities — from black boxes to community playhouses to concert halls — there is a movement to reduce energy use and upgrade lighting and control capability, all designed to enable higher quality performances and better audience experiences without extra costs or complexity.

Because of the innovations in Luxium instruments that use a unique RGBLW light engine design, the small and medium-sized stages can now have high-quality lighting and standard DMX control — just like large theaters. For theaters that strive for excellence, the fixtures from Luxium are highly efficient while offering a superior color gamut, adjustable beam spreads, and smooth dimming in both PAR Can and Lamp packages.

Cases Studies

Luxium ZR30 Striplight LED upgrade Overview, 0318

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For Architecture

architectural lighting, corporateSubtle or dramatic, monochromatic or rich colors to influence visual perspectives. More than ever, LED’s enable lighting system designers to create aesthetic impact for observers, breathing life into buildings, landscapes, and spaces by highlighting their architectural features in ways that would otherwise be lost. Architectural lighting applications can be subtle or dramatic, monochromatic or colorful, and with more advanced controls they are becoming even more dynamic and entertaining. Thoughtful lighting draws the eye and influences visual perspective.

Luxium has created a range of designs to suit many architectural needs, from up-lighting to wall washing to accent lighting. Offering both wide color adjustment and precisely calibrated whites with high CRI ability in both indoor and outdoor fixtures, it’s easy to match a particular lighting need with a Luxium light.

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For Events

Event LightingBringing engagement and emotion through beautiful light. More than ever, adjustable color lights are being used to create amazing event experiences. For private, public and corporate events, the right lighting effects can make or break the look and feel of small to large events — and Luxium is dedicated to making beautiful lighting easy to deploy and operate, no matter what the event.

Consider Luxium for up-lights, wash lights, recessed lights, or border lights for weddings, festivals, galas, shows, product launches, parties, and more. With unique lighting technologies for high efficiency, wireless control, compact size, battery operation, and ease of use, the different families of entertainment lights from Luxium offer any event producer the ability to create a transformative experience.

When it’s important to deliver brilliant colors, soft pastels, or calibrated white selections with the right beam shape and intensity, Luxium lights are versatile and dependable. Plus, it’s easy to set up Luxium lights with Bluetooth or DMX control, and Luxium’s compact size makes shipping and configuration even easier.

Case Studies

NASA JPL Mars InSight Video Commentary scene with ZIBA, 112718

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For Retail

Retail lighting - Display windowsHighlight key products and shine beautiful light on the rest. Retail lighting plays a major role in how consumers feel about their shopping and brand experience, truly influencing perceptions, decisions and in-store purchases. From store front window set-ups to spotlighted display areas, the choice of store lighting and control can engage the consumer and pull them into the selling process. Properly lighted and balanced presentations gives merchandise added appeal and highlights unique selling features. Even more: great lighting is vital to creating a pleasant atmosphere that suits the theme of the store – from sophisticated to theatrical.

Retailers are increasingly using LED lighting and controls strategically to improve the in-store experience for shoppers while minimizing operating costs. From LED retrofit lamps with high CRI or adjustable colors to indoor or outdoor track lighting for special accents of building features and focal areas, Luxium offers a wide breadth of solutions. With innovative and efficient designs to meet many requirements, the families of Luxium lighting products are designed to work together with wireless or wired DMX control and easy-to-use Bluetooth set-up convenience.

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For Showrooms

Lighting for showroomsAdd magic to make display areas more impressive, quickly and easily. Lighting is a crucial factor in showroom design. Lighting affects a room’s mood, appearance, and function. It can make or break the look and feel of a space. Choosing the right lighting systems can transform showrooms from ordinary to spectacular. The right choices enhance the visual perception of the products, architecture, signage, and gathering areas and can pay big rewards with more engaged customers. And that means the right mix of colors and temperatures, fixture sizes and designs, and lighting layers along with easy to use controls that adapt to changing conditions can help create a unique, pleasing space. With unique LED lamps and luminaires from Luxium, offering color-adjustment and calibrated high-CRI whites along with wireless operation and full-range dimming controls, designers and managers can bring an unprecedented level of lighting quality and ease of use to help enhance the impact of any showroom.

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