From compact stage lights to retrofit house lights to ruggedized wireless event lights, Luxium has the best color-adjustable LED lights for any occasion.


ZOBO Luminaire
At only a half a pound, the ZOBO PAR30 Retrofit RGBLW Luminaire is designed with an E26 base and a PAR30 size. Perfect for retrofits.
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ZIGI miniature light
Designed to survive IP65 conditions, the ZIGI’s miniature size (4″ wide by 2.65″ high) makes it perfect for applications where space is at a premium.
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TRIUMPH compact, full-color PAR Can theater luminaire
Designed as a compact, full-color PAR Can theater luminaire, the TRIUMPH delivers beautiful light for wash or narrow flood lighting.
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ZIBA - A battery-powered, color-tunable luminaire
A battery-powered, color-tunable luminaire, with wireless control, the ZIBA delivers exquisite LED color, from highly saturated to subtle pastel. All that, and weatherproof, too.
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CONTROLS For multi-purpose versatility
For multi-purpose versatility, Luxium lights can be configured with either DMX options for professional installations or smart Bluetooth control for quick set-up and easy operation or both. For maximum convenience, lights can be delivered with hybrid wireless control that includes both BLE and wireless DMX. The DMX options can be either wired or wireless, and Bluetooth uses the free Luxium mobile app to set up and control the lights.
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Accessories - Lamp Cage, Track Adapters
A few optional accessories are available to better adapt Luxium lights to any venue. To diffuse the beam from narrow to wide flood, use our interchangeable lens. For mounting of PAR30 lights, use the LC1 lamp cage that works with many kinds of hangers and clamps. Or contact us for track adapters that will work well with the various kinds of Luxium lights.
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