Adjustable-Color Retrofit Light Engine Module for PAR64/56 Can Fixtures


The PRIMO line is a remarkably efficient PAR Can retrofit LED module made for user installation into existing PAR64 or PAR56 cans.

Now anyone can turn an old PAR64 or PAR56 fixture into a modern full-color LED stage instrument. With enough performance to take the place of old 500 Watt bulbs while using less than 100 Watts of power the PR60 is made for easy on-site refurbishment of traditional PAR fixtures.

This all-in-one LED module eliminates the need for gel filters and dimmer racks while offering direct DMX control. With the PR60 users get more colors than were possible with the conventional halogen bulb. It is also easy to emulate tunable white with a wide range of CCT’s from 2500K to 6500K.

The PR60 uses 36 high-bright RGBLW LEDs using Luxium’s unique 6-channel LED driver, flicker-free and with smooth dimming to 0.1%.  These lights use a convenient DIP switch for setting a DMX address or selecting pre-defined operation modes. The PR60 comes standard with wired DMX512 control and can be upgraded with an optional wireless DMX receiver.


5660lm / 88W / RGBLW / 18° narrow spot
PR60 has spectacular saturated colors and uses 36 high-bright LEDs in a next generation modular array of Red-Green-Blue-Lime-White LED tiles, along with Luxiums high-frequency driver to make an exquisite blended beam for use in a PAR64 or PAR56 size fixture. This newest member of the Luxium family comes standard with wired DMX and a 18-degree beam which can be widened as desired with user configurable diffusion lenses. Includes Luxium’s exclusive high-resolution and high frequency dimming system for broadcast quality seamless video performance and flicker free operation down to 0.1%. Upgradable with wireless DMX for convenient remote operation.


  • Offers more than 5,660 full-white lumens for more brightness than old 500W bulbs.
  • Used just 88W maximum power consumption which is more than twice as efficient as other LED fixtures
  •  Achieves 12,960 lux at 6′ with 18 degree beam.
  • DMX512 in and thru connectors
  • 0.01% to 100% output with square law dimming
  • Three 12 chip RGBLW high bright LEDs modules produce full spectrum blends with 90+ CRI
  • Twelve calibrated white CCT’s – 2400K to 6500K
  • 90+ CRI, Rg of 107 and Rf of 91 for realistic color rendering
  • 8″ (PAR64) and 7″ (PAR56)  diameter. Depth is 6″
  • Only 2.7 lbs.
  • Aluminum frame with mounting ring for easy install in existing PAR Can fixtures.
  • Rated >50,000 hrs. (L70)


The PR60 comes standard with wired DMX RJ45 connections and DIP switch addressing. Prices start at $499.

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LUXIUM LIGHTING, PRIMO-PR60 Press Release, March 2019

2500lm / 36W / RGBLW / 19° spot
TR40 uses a maximum 36W but is powerful enough to replace a 250W halogen PAR38 bulb. It contains a proprietary Luxium array of 12 high-efficacy RGBLW LED emitters and a six-channel light engine for maximum brightness in a small size PAR can fixture.


  • Outputs up to 2500 lumens (RGBLW) at 36W / 85~265VAC
  • DMX512 in and thru connectors/ ZMX wireless DMX receiver built in
  • Use the TRX1 control hub for wireless DMX control (sold separately)
  • 0.01% to 100% output with square law dimming
  • 20°/30°/45°/60° beams with interchangeable lenses
  • RGBLW high bright LEDs produce full spectrum blends with 90+ CRI
  • TR40+ uses 12 – RGBLW High Bright separate LEDs for extra brightness with extra high efficacy
  • Twelve calibrated white CCT’s – 2400K to 6500K
  • 90+ CRI
  • 4” diameter x 6.1” length
  • Only 2.7 lbs.
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Rated >50,000 hrs. (L70)


TR40 comes standard with wired DMX using RJ45 connections and DIP switch addressing. Prices start at $469