Luxium color-adjustable LED luminaires and control products work together to deliver exquisite light for any venue. The high-performance lights are easy to use, efficient, and absolutely versatile.

new and more compact version of the award-winning ZIBA with all the performance of the full size ZB20 model but with half the battery life.
A bright, compact, battery-powered, color-tunable luminaire with wireless control. Offering bright beautiful colors and absolute ease of deployment, the ZIBA is a professional grade LED light designed for use in any situation that calls for a bright, compact, wire-free, color-adjustable instrument. The NEW ZIBA mini is only 4″ dia. and less than 3 pounds with max white performance of 1500 lumens for more than 6 hours !  For more demanding events the full-size ZIBA produces more than 1800 lumens and runs for more than 10 hours !!
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ZIGI designed to survive IP65 conditions
The ZIGI’s miniature size (4″ wide by 2.65″ high) and bright directional beam makes it perfect for track lights or architectural accents where space is at a premium. Available with either DC or AC power input and wired or wireless DMX control. The NEW ZG65 is designed to survive IP65 conditions.
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ZOBO PAR30 Retrofit RGBLW Luminaire
At only a half a pound, the patented ZOBO PAR30 Retrofit RGBLW Color Adjustable Luminaire is designed with an E26 base and a PAR30 shape with smooth dimming down to 0.1%. Perfect for strip light or house light retrofits. Available in full-color + CCT white or selectable CCT white configurations.
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The TRIUMPH is a series of full-color PAR Can luminaires intended for use as a wash-light, flood-light, or pendant. The TRIUMPH lights come standard with DMX control using Luxium’s special ZMX technology for embedded wireless control or traditional wired DMX using RJ45 connections. The NEW TR70 has a single lens to blend a high-bright RGBLW COB into a uniform beam.
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The ShowCast system includes mobile device apps, a control hub and Luxium’s wireless DMX technology called ZMX.

Luxium develops control products that make it easy to set up and operate adjustable LED lights with wireless convenience and a full range of features for lighting designers and integrators.

Easy to use, portable, and bright. That’s Luxium.

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Precision Control - use your smartphone to control lights.
Precision Control - use your smartphone to control lights.


Learn how a systems integrator used ZOBOs to help Word of Life, a church with a 1300-seat sanctuary, to dramatically upgrade their house lights.

The result? The perfect retrofit: Amazing, wireless color delivered to existing recessed cans for about 1/3 the cost of typical theater house lights. Visually powerful, quick, and cost-effective.

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