FOR WORSHIP SPACES INSPIRE Use retrofit Par LED lights for easy install creating the right balance of whites and color. MORE Slide PRIMO PR70 • Full-color or bright white adjustment
• Retrofit PAR64/56 LED fixture
• Integrated high-resolution dimming
• White color temp range: 2700K-6500K
Churches that need bright lights! Upgrade to full-range color and integrated dimming using wired or wireless DMX control for PAR cans and house light fixtures.
FOR EVENT PRODUCERS EXCITE Get the lighting effects you need to bring specific moods to any setting, from weddings to trade events. MORE Slide ZOBO light ZOBO ZR20 • Full-color or bright white adjustment
• Retrofit PAR30/38 LED lamp
• Integrated high-resolution dimming
• Wireless control with Bluetooth or DMX
ZOBO track lights image PERFECT FOR:
Churches, schools and theaters for easy and affordable lighting conversions! Upgrade to full-range color and integrated dimming using wireless control for medium base sockets, PAR fixtures and recessed ceiling lights.
FOR PERFORMERS AND MUSICIANS JAM! Make a lasting impression with beautiful LED light and color, all with the ease of wireless operation. MORE Slide TRIUMPH TR40 • Full-color or bright white adjustment
• Rugged and compact size with extra-high efficiency
• Integrated high-resolution dimming
• Wireless or wired DMX control
Color Wash and Spot Lighting for Events, Auditoriums, Schools and Theaters!
FOR LIGHTING DESIGNERS AND SYSTEM INTEGRATORS DESIGN Luxium offers the best lighting and control components on the market, along with the pricing and advice you need to be successful! MORE


Luxium will transform your space with light. Color-adjustable LED luminaires, retrofit LED lights, and wireless DMX controls are designed to provide professional-quality lighting for your theater, church, stage, or music venue. Made in the USA, our complete lighting systems are engineered for easy installation, with quality you can see – bright full-spectrum color, wireless control, and smooth dimming. Luxium Lighting is affordable excellence.

Our customers say our lights make amazing saturated colors and beautiful pastels along with realistic whites. They also really appreciate how well our lights can dim down to the lowest levels with no flicker or color shifting. Using our innovative technologies helps make a difference you can see.

Some examples include: Arena Stage, Johnny Mercer Theatre, NASA-JPL, FLYT Casino Nightclub, Jason Aldean Nashville Nightclub, Texas A&M, UC Irvine, Oregon State Univ., Peter Corvallis Productions, Riverside Church, Word of Life Church, Augustana Church and many more. View the gallery to see what’s possible.

Please get in touch to learn more about what we have to offer and schedule a demo or get a quote. We’ll be happy to share some ideas about what other customers have done to transform their space with light.

Powerful color-adjustable LED inserts with on-board full range DMX dimming to convert PR64/56 size recessed and stage light fixtures.Get more performance than 1000W bulbs with 1/10th the power use.
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Fully controlled color & white CCT floodlights for screw-in PAR30/38 sockets. Good for border lights, recessed houselights, tracks and many other places. ZOBO is a patented PAR30 Retrofit RGBLW Luminaire using  DMX and Bluetooth wireless operation with all the capability of professional stage instruments..
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TR80 by Luxium Lighting

All-in-one can lights for uniform color washes used in down, side and up-lighting of stage and room lighting locations. TRIUMPH is a family of full-color PAR Can luminaires with DMX control. The NEW TR80 has a single lens to blend a high-bright RGBLA LED array into a blended beam.
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Ziba Lighting by Luxium Lighting

Long lasting and surprisingly bright wireless spotlights for amazing events. ZIBA is a compact, battery-powered, color-tunable luminaire with wireless control.
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Accent lights with full performance in a hand-sized fixture for tracks and up-light locations. ZIGI is a miniature size lighting puck with a bright directional beam.
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To complete your system Luxium has a variety of control products that make it easy to set up and operate an installation of adjustable LED lights. Making use of wireless DMX and mobile app technologies we are making it is easier than ever to create amazing lighting effects for any venue.

The ShowCast system includes mobile device apps, a control hub and Luxium’s wireless DMX technology called ZMX.

Luxium develops control products that make it easy to set up and operate adjustable LED lights with wireless convenience and a full range of features for lighting designers and integrators.

Easy to use, portable, and bright. That’s Luxium.

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Precision Control - use your smartphone to control lights.
Precision Control - use your smartphone to control lights.


Learn how a systems integrator used ZOBOs to help Word of Life, a church with a 1300-seat sanctuary, to dramatically upgrade their house lights.

The result? The perfect retrofit: Amazing, wireless color delivered to existing recessed cans for about 1/3 the cost of typical theater house lights. Visually powerful, quick, and cost-effective.

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